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In Job vs. Assignment: Discovering Your God-given Assignment to Fulfill God’s Extraordinary Purpose and Plan for Your Life, author Sherrelle S. Davis debunks the concept of “earning a living” and all it entails.

You will learn how from the beginning of time God had a purpose and plan for all of our lives. You will gain insight into this notion by exploring the story of the first human beings God created and the mandate He gave them to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue, and have dominion.

You will also learn how in an effort for mankind to fulfill their God-given mandate God created a designated place for them to dwell in, that consisted of designated provisions, and provided them with their designated assignments.

Also through their God-given mandate and assignments, God was unleashing the potential: the gifts, and talents He placed inside of them to be resourceful, successful, and to flourish beyond measure.

When we understand our God-given assignment in its full magnitude, working at any job to simply “earn a living” will no longer be satisfactory.


There is a place…a designated place, where these gifts and talents will be needed and appreciated. In this place, which is our God-given assignment we will feel needed, appreciated, purposeful, and fulfilled: We will become an instrument of God helping to solve other people’s problems while seeing our needs met and supplied.

It is time to trade “the world-defined” job mentality for your God-given assignment so YOU can fulfill God’s extraordinary purpose and plan for your life!

Job vs. Assignment

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