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Welcome to Sisters Uplifting Sisters!  

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Take a sneak peek at our empowerment extravaganza!

Be empowered, informed, and transformed by DV-TV™! This media powerhouse is comprised of the show “Your Hope for Tomorrow” where you will receive insight into the issues of Domestic Violence and empowerment tools catered to helping our sisters overcome these life altering events.

Take a class or two at SUS University, I Thrive Academy™!

I Thrive Academy™ is the embodiment of helping our women to confront, heal and conquer the issues that have been holding them back from moving forward to their NEXT. I Thrive Academy will help our women break out of survival mode and THRIVE! 

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Listen to the Daughter ARISE Podcast™ where you will be empowered to develop your superwoman persona and conquer the world!

Confident Businesswoman


 Check out The Beautiful You™ magazine! With this magazine, you will be empowered to move forward to your  NEXT with excitement, boldness, and determination!

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